Whitehorse 2016
Technical Program

June 1 & June 2 (morning)
le 1e juin et le 2 juin (matin)

SS9:  Tectonic controls on northern Canada’s mineral and petroleum resources  (Posters)
Organizers / Organisateurs:  Suzanne Paradis & Peter Hannigan
Room / Salle:  Gymnasium

Poster Authors / Title

Hutchison, M.P.  Controls on Laberge Group reservoir distribution and quality, northern Whitehorse trough, Yukon


From, R.E.*, Camacho, A., Pearson, D.G. and Luo, Y.  U-Pb and Lu-Hf isotopes in complex zircon grains from eastern Hall Peninsula, Baffin Island using Laser Ablation Split Stream Inductively Coupled Mass Spectroscopy (LASS-ICPMS)

Program at-a-Glance

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