Whitehorse 2016
Technical Program

June 1 & June 2 (morning)
le 1e juin et le 2 juin (matin)

SS8:Investigating crustal neotectonics on the western margin of North America (Posters)
Organizers / Organisateurs: Mike Schmidt, Lucinda Leonard, Kristin Morell & Lisa Nykolaishen
Room / Salle: Gymnasium

Poster Authors / Title

Sole, C., Audet, P.* and Schaeffer, A.J. Upper mantle anisotropy in the northern Canadian Cordillera from teleseismic shear-wave splitting analysis


Spalding, J.*, Schneider, D.A. and Brown, J. Long-term stability at the edge of the Canadian Shield:  Insights from calcite-filled fractures inherited from basement structures, southern Ontario, Canada


Marechal, A., Mazzotti, S., Ferry, M., Ritz, J-F., Freymueller, J.T., Elliott, J. and Schmidt, M.* Impact of the Yakutat indentor corner on present-day tectonics and fault activity in SE Alaska SW Yukon

Program at-a-Glance

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