Whitehorse 2016
Technical Program

Friday Morning, 3 June /
Vendredi matin, le 3 juin

SS19:  Canadian contributions to the planetary sciences: Missions, materials, and analogues   (Part I)
Organizers / Organisateurs:  Livio Tornabene, Roberta Flemming, Catherine Neish
Room / Salle:  A2402
Chairs / Présidents: 

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Hildebrand, A.R.*, Hanton, L.T.J., Rankin, M. and Ibrahim, M.  Keynote (40 min):  The OSIRIS-REx mission’s sampling of the regolith of Asteroid 101955 Bennu is aided by development of a hydrated carbonaceous chondrite lithologies (HCCL-1) regolith simulant


McCausland, P.J.A.*, Bramble, M.S., Brown, P.G., Umoh, J. and Holdsworth, D.W.  Many meteorites in one:  Spatial scale and range of variation in bulk physical and lithological properties of the Tagish Lake C2 chondrite

10:00 Refreshment Break


Higgins, M.D.* and Martin, P-E.  Chemical variations within and between clasts and matrix of the Abee EH meteorite breccia reveal enigmatic aspects of its petrologic history


Flemming, R.L.*, McCausland, P.J.A. and Nelson, A.J.  X-ray vision:  In situ X-ray CT imaging and X-ray diffraction of the Tucson iron meteorite mineralogy and textures

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