Whitehorse 2016
Technical Program

Thursday Morning, 2 June /
Jeudi matin, le 2 juin

SS4:  Structure, magmatism and metallogeny of the evolving North American Cordilleran margin 
Organizers / Organisateurs:  Sarah Gleeson, Murray Allan & Craig Hart
Room / Salle:  T1023
Chairs / Présidents: 

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Session Chairs  Welcome & Opening Remarks

Dusel-Bacon, C.  Keynote (40 min):  Key U-Pb geochronologic and isotopic milestones in deciphering the Paleozoic tectonomagmatic and metallogenic history of east-central Alaska and western Yukon


Piercey, S.J.*, Hanchar, J.M., Buchanan, A., Lancaster, P.J. and Darling, J.  Mapping tectono-magmatism using rhyolite geochemistry and radiogenic isotopes:  The record from porphyries from the Wolverine volcanogenic massive sulfide (VMS) deposit, Yukon

10:00 Refreshment Break


Beranek, L.P.*, Piercey, S.J. and Friedman, R.M.  Mid-Paleozoic magmatism and timing of VMS mineralization in the Pelly Mountains, Yukon:  Implications for Cordilleran tectonics and metallogeny

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