Whitehorse 2016
Technical Program

Thursday Morning, 2 June /
Jeudi matin, le 2 juin

SS3:  Tectonics of accretionary and collisional orogens  (Part III)
Organizers / Organisateurs:  Maurice Colpron, Steve Israel and Luke Beranek
Room / Salle:  C1530
Chairs / Présidents: 

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Ershova, V.B., Prokopiev, A.V., Khudoley, A.K.*, Andersen, T., Kullerud, K. and Kolchanov, D.A.  U–Pb age and Hf isotope geochemistry of detrital zircon from Cambrian sandstones of Severnaya Zemlya archipelago and northern Taimyr (Russian High Arctic) – Implication to evolution of Timanian orogen and eastern part of Baltica


Khudoley, A.K.*, Verzhbitsky, V.E., Zastrozhnov, D.A. and Ershova, V.B.  The eastern Taimyr Fold and Thrust Belt:  Tectonic evolution from Neoproterozoic to Mesozoic


Chiarenzelli, J.R.*, Valentino, D.W. and Regan, S.P.  Spatial and temporal links between transpressional deformation, lithospheric disruption and architecture, and anorthosite intrusion

10:00 Refreshment Break


Corrigan, D.* and van Rooyen, D.  Extrusion of a ribbon continent in a collisional orogen:  Example from the southeastern Churchill Province in Quebec and Labrador

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