Ottawa 2011
Technical Program

Thursday Afternoon, 26 May /
Jeudi après-midi, le 26 mai

SY1:  Earth climate: past, present, future  (Part II)
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Organizers / Organisateurs:  Andrew Miall (U. Toronto)
Room / Salle:  Montpetit MNT201
Chairs / Présidents:  NA

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Mysak, L.A  Keynote (40 min):  The Little Ice Age and beyond:  Simulating long-term changes in climate, sea ice and the oceans

3:00 Refreshment Break


El Bilali, H.E.H.* and Patterson, T.  Holocene climatic response to solar forcing:  Evidence from the plant macrofossils δ18O cellulose record of Mer Bleue Bog, Ottawa, Ontario


Patterson, R.T.*, Babalola, L.O, Chang, A.S, Kumar, A., Prokoph, A., Roe, H.M, Vazquez-Riveiros, N. and Wigston, A.  Influence of solar forcing on climate and primary productivity changes in the Northeast Pacific:  Evidence from mid to late Holocene laminated sediments


Bab, L.O*, Patterson, T.R, Prokoph, A. and Roe, H.  Foraminiferal distribution in the Seymour Belize Inlet Complex, British Columbia:  Implications for Holocene paleoceanographic reconstruction

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